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Rainbow Jumbo Rose

Rainbow Jumbo Rose



You will receive one Rainbow themed Jumbo Rose weighing approximately 2.7 -3.3 ounces each. Colors will vary depending on the scent chosen. Choose from the following scents: 

*Juicy Watermelon & Strawberry - blend of my Strawberry Lovers scent and watermelon.

*Coffee House, Blackberry Jam, & Sugar Cookies - sweet coffee, sugar cookies, and hints of blackberry jam.

*Slice of Pink - house blend of Pink Sugar, cake batter fudge, and birthday cake. A best seller!

*Black Sea - plums, fresh ozone, sweet amber.

*Salted Caramel & Butter Cookies - blend of Danish Butter cookies and sweet and salty caramel. So yummy!

*Bakeshop - blend of baked pretzel, baked bread, pie crust, and cookies (no spices).

*Gain Island Fresh & Watermelon - a fresh and fruity blend of Juicy Watermelon and Gain Island Fresh laundry.

*Blueberry Bread - house blend of sweet blueberries, baked bread, and hints of baking spices. A best seller!

*Sweet Jelly Zucchini Bread - my best selling blend of Zucchini Bread, sweet jelly.