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Mini Warmer Melts (6 Pack)

Mini Warmer Melts (6 Pack)



These adorable wax warmer themed melts are a SEMO original design. We love melting wax as much as you do and we were inspired to create these 6 pack wax melts just for you. 

Each 6 pack bag weighs approximately 4.8 - 5.0 + ounces. Colors and design will vary.

Choose from the following scents: 

  1. Zucchini Bread Supreme - top selling house blend of fresh baked Zucchini Bread, Cream Cheese frosting and brown sugar. 
  2. Strawberry Lovers Noel - juicy strawberries blended with Vanilla Bean Noel. 
  3. Downtown Bakery - #1 selling house top secret Zucchini Bread blend. Smells like you just walked into a bakery, 
  4. Pink Sugar, Love Spell & Cotton - girly and fresh blend of all three. 
  5. Zucchini Bread & Vanilla Buttercream Crunch - house blend of fresh baked Zucchini Bread , vanilla buttercream frosting, and hints of shredded coconut. A top seller! 
  6. Coffee House Cream - a delicious blend of coffee and sweet cream. 
  7. Pink Raspberry Lemonade - Raspberries and a cold glass of Lemonade. Tart and sweet.
  8. Georgia Peach & Southern Iced Tea -Best Seller! Fresh and sweet Georgia Peaches blended with cold glass of Iced Tea.
  9. Sugar Cookie Royale - Fresh baked buttery sugar cookie. A Best Seller!
  10. Fresh Baked Pretzel - A Best Seller! crisp crust, fresh baked pretzel, rich creamy butter, maple bark, brown sugar, vanilla extract. Super strong and fabulous!
  11. Blueberry Bread - top selling house blend of fresh baked bread and delicious Blueberries.
  12. Lemon Curd & Marshmallow - sweet and gooey marshmallow blended with tart lemon curd. So good!
  13. Pink Oasis - pink berries, coconut & tropical driftwood.
  14. Deep Waters- deep plum, creamy vanilla, ozone, and amber. Strong and fantastic!
  15. Strawberry Blonde - Strawberry Lovers blended with Raspberry Champagne.
  16. Cappuccino Espresso & Sugar Cookie Dough - a fabulous sweet coffee blended with rich sugar cookie dough. So good!
  17. Circus Concession - cotton candy, funnel cakes and caramel apples.
  18. Blackberry Jam Butter Cookie + Vanilla Buttercream Crunch - butter cookies, tart blackberry jam, sweet vanilla and toffee crunch.
  19. Wild Berry Cheesecake + Homemade Cookies - fresh baked warm cookies with sweet berries and cheesecake. Fantastic blend ( no fake cheesecake notes here).