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Coffee Bits Sampler

Coffee Bits Sampler


This Sampler is perfect for any coffee scent lover. You will receive five different scents in this sampler in pre cut wax bits that are rainbow colored.

Our Coffee Bits Sampler includes two ounces of each of the following five scents: (10  ounces total):

* Deja Brew - delicious espresso, blackberry butter cookies. and royal sugar cookies.

* Caffeine Queen - delicious hazelnut coffee and secret blend of baked goods. (no spices)

* Coffee House Cream - my top selling house blend of sweet coffee and cream.

* Mocha Mint Cupcake - rich cocoa, coffee beans, creamy peppermint, cookie wafers and a decadent chocolate cupcake.

* Coffee Bean Dream - a yummy slice of Blueberry Streusel. and a fresh cup of coffee.