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Beautiful Blooms Brittle

Beautiful Blooms Brittle



You will receive one bag of Beautiful Blooms wax brittle weighing approximately 4.0-4.7 total ounces. Colors and designs will vary. Choose from the following scents: 

1. Blackberry Jam, Royal Sugar Cookie, & Danish Butter Cookie - house blend of sweet blackberry jam, butter cookies, and frosted sugar cookies. 

2. Love Spell & Pink Frosted Cake - sweet and flirty blend of VS Love Spell Type and sweet cake. 

3. Caribbean Coconut & Pink Orchid - fresh coconut and tropical island fruit,  delicate orchid blossoms wrapped in soft, comforting amber.

4. Blueberry Bread & Vanilla Bean Frosting - fresh baked bread, sweet blueberries, light baking spices, and vanilla bean frosting. 

5. Lavender Sheets - my top selling house blend of lavender, silky sheets and light sandalwood.