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Rainbow Scent Shot

Rainbow Scent Shot



You will receive one hand decorated Rainbow themed scent shot weighing approximate 1.5 + ounces each.  Choose from the following scents: 

* Cashmere & Cedar - Sweet top notes sprinkle over a bed of petals and finish with a smooth, woody base. A best seller!

*Rainbow Slushie - super fruity blend of mango, lime, nectarine, orange and grapefruit.

*Mango Mojito- cool mint, tangy lime and sweet orange, leading to a watery ozone highlight. Hints of pineapple accent the ripe mango accord at the heart of the fragrance, while smooth, sweet coconut is perfectly balanced with the tropical fruit.

*Caribbean Coconut & Pink Chiffon - fresh coconut, tropical island fruit, warm vanilla, and crisp sandalwood.

*Lemon Curd & Marshmallow Bomb - sweet and tart lemon blended with big fluffy marshmallows.

*Pretzel Bark - fresh baked pretzel knots, chocolate truffle, marshmallows and hints of caramelized sugar.